Here Are The Most Beautiful Rose Gifts To Get Your Love This Valentines Day

Updated: 1/30/2022

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Don't get ordinary roses this Valentines day. These will make your love go crazy for you. Women obsess over gifts like these. Here are the best ones to get!

Why We Love Dose Of Roses

Dose Of Roses offers amazingly beautiful roses for all occasions like  Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Weddings and more. Their high quality roses are the best on the market. Some last up to 5 years!

The Galaxy Enchanted Rose (Inspired by Beauty and the Beast)

Galaxy Enchanted Rose



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Galaxy Rose Arrangement



Limited Time: Save 50%!



#1 Choice

Dose Of Roses Red Rose Bear

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, the never fade Galaxy Enchanted Rose® glass dome represents Faith in Love Forever. It is a special way of telling her or him "Love you more as time goes by". Great for home decor would look amazing anywhere you want. Great gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Wedding and more. Our Galaxy Enchanted Rose creates a nice and comforting feeling in the house when spending time with your family.

The warm white light illuminates the entire glass dome and even the surrounding things. Once three triple A batteries are inserted, the warm white light not only benefits our eyes but also gives us a romantic vibe especially a during candlelight dinner. Whether it's for you or a friend, young couple or a middle-aged couple, this gift is what you need for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Wedding or Anniversary.

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You don't share an ordinary love. Don't send ordinary flowers. Gift them the extraordinary with these iridescent roses that last a lifetime. 

The Rose Bear (Women Love This)

Don't make the mistake of sending basic roses this Valentine's Day. Give them the best of both worlds with a gorgeous teddy bear handmade of roses that last forever.

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Rose Bears are on of Dose Of Roses top sellers because they are such amazing gifts. Especially right now, for Valentines day, these things are selling like crazy! We recommend you get one ASAP before they sell out!

The Entire Galaxy Rose Collection Is So Unique & Beautiful!

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So Many More Amazing & Unique Rose Gifts!

Dose Of Roses has you covered! We wouldn't rank them #1 if we didn't think they were the absolute best. 

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